This post has decorated kid-made ornament projects for the holidays. Both are made on sphere shapes, one with a clear globe and one with an inexpensively purchased Styrofoam glitter ornament. By starting with actual although plain ornaments, the children will be successful by adding a few craft items.

The first ornament we made was a simple clear plastic globe ornament, and our idea was to add sequins, stick-on sparkles, ribbon, and plastic filler. So we got everything ready.


Sparkly Globes Made Two Ways

Step one was to fill the globe with the filler and sequins. The white plastic filler was quite the mess to clean up, actually, so other ideas using the globe are described in this post, also. filling-the-plastic-globe-with-shiny-craft-materials

After filling the ornament, a ribbon was added to the top as well as a cord so it would hang on the tree.


Finally, glitter stickers were added to the outside of the ornament. Some chose to add initials . . .add-sparkle-stickers-to-ouside-of-ornament

While others added the stickers in a way to make it look like it was snowing or stickers to show the year. These globes were just filled with ribbon.


Another idea some had was to use glue inside the ornament. Our best idea using the glue thought of by one mother and was to squirt the glue inside the ornament and swiping around the inside to get the glue spread out. Then sequins were added inside, to stick to the glue. This approach took several days to dry, but they did dry.


This is a close up for the effect of using glue and sequins inside the globe.


No matter what approach was used, we all liked the ornaments created.


Another Ornament Idea

Here is another idea also using an inexpensive purchased ornament. Glitter Styrofoam ornaments are cheap and already prepared with a top for adding a string and hanging on the tree. This idea allows children to add some pins to have a lovely ornament they “made” themselves. The step-by-step PDF has photos and instructions and is also explained in the photo below.

simple-decorative-pin-and-glitter-styrofoam-ball-ornament PDF

simple-decorative-pin-and-glitter-styrofoam-ball-ornamentHave fun making ornaments with children! Thank you for reading, Carolyn

We hope this helps keep students and children at home busy during this exciting time of year. Thank you for reading, Carolyn