This post has some silhouette matching activities by Gramma Elliott. She has two stores on Teachers Pay Teachers, Gramma Elliott’s Educational Tools and Gramma Elliott’s Clip Art. Her products are made using her own clip art made from realistic watercolor paintings she creates herself. The matching is surprisingly complex for children when they are presented at once. She has different sets so just fish could be presented during one session which would simplify the activities for children.
matching activity by Gramma Elliott

An eight year old found this activity satisfying to complete. It was not too easy! animal-silhouette-matching-act

But a three year old could also solve these puzzles! Interesting. animal-silhouette-matching-activity-1

Zoology is Fun

Create a problem for children to solve by posting the silouettes only on a bulletin board. Later, add the animal pictures. bulletin-board-for-animals-and-silhouettes

Here it is set up with the silhouettes on a Montessori rug with the animals in a basket. The children could match the animals to the silhouette shapes. gramma-elliott-animal-and-silhouette-matching-activity-diyThis is a link to the product used in our activities: Silhouette and Realistic Animal Images for Matching. This product can be used with young students in many ways.


This set is for younger children and is easier to cut apart as each shape or picture is on a card. Just the cards can be cut apart. Animal and Silhouette Matching includes realistic paintings on white cards and silhouettes on cards for matching. The 26 animals included are (52 cards in all).animal-and-silhouette-matching-montessori-style

Now for some freebies! The first is a chart for beginning sounds and phonics. This is very handy for writing workshop as well as emergent guided reading groups.

beginning-letter-sounds-chart-with-pictures-and-letters-phonicsFor the Montessori homeschools and teachers, here are some free Ocean 3-part cards.


I have to include another freebie by Gramma Elliott, as well. Here is her Long Vowel Sort and Match Review Activity. It is a great way to review many long vowel words.


I hope you find more goodies in her store. She has many freebies, as well!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn