This post has a peg doll family clothing pattern free PDF. Through trial and error, I found the sizes for clothing that best fits a peg doll family. I started this project with blank peg dolls, kid’s paint, felt, embroidery thread, buttons, and some ribbon scraps. We will be adding some hair and eyes but I wanted to show the basic idea first. Because I could not find a pattern for the whole family of 5 dolls, I made my own.

Peg Doll Family Clothing Pattern Free PDF

Near the end of working on the project, after about 50 dolls I came up with a pattern I would like to share. I hope some people find it helpful. I used the pattern myself to make the orange felt clothing. Feel free to adjust the pattern as required for your own doll making project.

peg-doll-family-pattern-and-finished-clothingpatterns-for-peg-doll-family PDF, opens here

Here is another view of the peg dolls prior to some embellishments. I used a blanket stitch to go around the capes, and then just sewed a knot to keep them on. For a few, I added ribbon to be able to remove them so the dolls could change clothes, but tying bows is difficult for little fingers so didn’t do that on too many. I used a variety of old buttons from my sewing kit which happened to include a bunch of heart buttons. The glitter foam was glued on but it was difficult to work with so only a few were made.


Add dots for eyes and yarn for hair

Now for the fun part! Next we added black sharpie dots for eyes. We added both yarn hair as well as embroidery thread for hair. The hats simply had to be glued on as they often fell off otherwise. So, we first glued on the hair and then put the hat on top. Wait to for the glue to dry before adjusting or changing anything else.


Glue the hair on first. Then put glue on the bottom inside of the hats. Then hold the hat and hair on the head a minute to help the glue set in the correct place.


We made the hair by cutting of a length of twisted yarn or thread. Just a knot is needed if twisted yarn is used. We braided the embroidery thread and tied both ends. Short pieces of yarn or thread will make boy hair. The tiniest peg dolls we considered babies so we did not add hair at all.


This was our set up for working with several children.


Hats From Felt

When we used decorative felt (this was purple with silver hearts) we centered the pattern pieces over the hearts. I only found this design on purple felt, though.


The hat is folded with the best side outside, and a blanket stitch will sew it together for a cute look. The cape has a blanket stitch around the outside. Either overlap the two ends around the neck and sew closed, or add a ribbon along the top and tie a bow on the doll.


We hope you have some fun making little dolls!
Thank you for reading, Carolyn