First, simple wooden shapes available in craft stores are very plain but can be painted and decorated to be suitable ornaments.  These may be given to teachers, Sunday School teachers, daycare providers, and relatives. They may also be hung on your own tree. Start by painting the wooden shape with white paint, add plastic jewels and/or glitter glue, and let dry.  When they are ready, add gold thread.  If these are given to others, the child might write his or her name and year on the ornament, too. Simple but lots of fun!

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft Ideas and Candy Cane Bouquet

Because this project uses jewels and glitter, it is splendiferous! The children’s book that could accompany this ornament making would be Splendiferous Christmas, a Fancy Nancy book. Fancy Nancy has quite a vocabulary and Christmas is no exception for her linguistic talents. These books offer a fun way to expose children to vocabulary, and the Christmas season will certainly grab their attention.  Books are a fun way to help children wait for the actual holiday and all the visitors and fun. Some people actually wrap books they already own and open one a day for a Christmas countdown, which is a nice idea.

Candy Cane Bouquet

Also, this candy cane bouquet craft is a little project to help fill a few minutes during this busy season. I learned this from a teacher I taught with, who was also a student with me from kindergarten through 12th grade. I am not taking credit for this idea, and perhaps you have seen it before.  I was thinking about it for some reason, and thought it would be a good filler in December.  The PDF opens right here.  

THIS LINK WILL OPEN THE SMART Board FILE right here.  If you do not have a SMART Board, you can get a free interactive viewer at this link, even for use at home.

Candy Cane Bouquet Craft for Primary Grades

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