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In this post, Miss Owl demonstrates the free PDF educational resource pages for the new book by Oxana Cerra, How Boring it is to Be a Tree (see post about the book).  The work pages include cutting and pasting, coloring, and paint dabbing. Teachers may select which pages they want to use with their own students.

what-is-little-tree-not-able-to-do (1)

The Little Tree feels there is so much he is unable to do, like walk and talk. He is very sad and thinks negative thoughts. Children will cut and paste four of six images showing what the tree is unable to do. They must figure out which images do apply to the story, and which two do not apply.

Miss-Owl-Demonstrates-work-pages-for-How-Boring-it-is-to-be-Tree (9)

This is how the page looks when finished correctly. Think how sad you would be if you could not eat ice cream! I include answer keys for teacher use in the free PDF.

what-makes-little-tree-happy (1)

Another comprehension work page is about Little Tree learning positive thoughts from Cloud. Cloud eats negative thoughts! He blows positive thoughts.

Miss-Owl-Demonstrates-work-pages-for-How-Boring-it-is-to-be-Tree (1)

A coloring page about the cloud has children color the “can’t” cloud red, and the “positive thoughts” cloud blue.

Miss-Owl-Demonstrates-work-pages-for-How-Boring-it-is-to-be-Tree (4)

The pages require some thinking! If children are thinking it is too hard, the mother or teacher might blow some positive thoughts around the space.


Two paint dabber pages are included. Children might color the tree with happy colors. They might have other ideas they could explain. There is a cloud dabber page, as well.


The book is available on Amazon in Spanish and in English. Thank you for reading! Carolyn and Miss Owl

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