Oxana Cerra, illustrator and preschool teacher, has just announced her first picture book, How boring it is to be a tree! The book is available on Amazon in Spanish and in English. This is a darling book which also informs students about trees for primary science classes. Profe Oxana is the artist of Teacher’s Clipart on Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as the illustrator of some children’s books. Now she is an author, as well. She wrote and illustrated the book (in Spanish and in English) about the little tree thinking negative thoughts. Oxana Cerra knows children very well as she has been an educator for many years. This book is for ages 0-6 and children will identify with the struggle to “be big” and more able. Children will so enjoy this book!

Download my free educational resource for the book here:


Qué aburrido es ser un árbol (Spanish Edition)

The story begins with a sad little tree who feels he is missing out on fun and life in general. He can’t do so many things, like walk and talk. Then he meets a helpful cloud. The cloud eats the negative thoughts of little tree. To practice reading comprehension, children will cut and paste the things the little tree feels he cannot do on this activity page, Why is Little Tree sad?


For this page, children will cut and paste the things the little tree is able to do, as mentioned in the story. Why is Little Tree Happy? will help the children learn about trees and their capabilities.


For this page, while children are coloring, the class could discuss their own negative thoughts and how to have more positive ideas. The teacher might “blow” some good thoughts to the children, as well.


A dabber tree and cloud page are also included in the PDF. Children may select which colors they feel are positive and happy.

I have known Oxana for more than ten years online. Did you know she lives in Columbia, South America?

She has been a teacher for more than 13 years. During this time, she taught computers at the elementary level. She also worked as a technology coordinator, where she trained teachers on using computers and SMART Boards. She is also a Graphic Designer and loves to make and share her classroom and school resources.


Delegator Teachers who have a delegator teaching style tend to place much control and responsibility for learning on individuals or groups of students. This type of teacher will often give students a choice in designing and implementing their own complex learning projects and will act in a consultative role. Students are often asked to work independently or in groups and must be able to maintain motivation and focus for complex projects. Students working in this type of setting learn more than just course specific topics as they also must be able to effectively work in group situations and manage various interpersonal roles.

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Teacher's Clipart

Oxana’s art is available on Teachers Pay Teachers, in her clipart store. I have used her art in many of the PDFs on this site. She offers both free and priced art for educational use.