Opposites Opposites  are fun with Humpfree:  the Humpless Camel is a book by Julia Dweck that helps children to understand we should like ourselves the way we are.  Humpfree tries many things, unsuccessfully, to add the appearance of humps to his body.  The results are hilarious to children.  Finally, he learns he is a rare breed of camel and is special because he has no humps.

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Opposites Illustrated Matching Cards Free PDF

Humpfree: The Humpless Camel Opposites

After reading Humpfree:  The Humpless Camel, I thought about freebies I could make to supplement the book.  Opposites came to mind, as well as the importance of liking yourself.  So I made pocket chart cards with opposites to accompany the kindergarten standard:

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.K.5b Demonstrate understanding of frequently occurring verbs and adjectives by relating them to their opposites (antonyms).

I also made some generic writing pages for the story.  Everything is so generic that really, the printable could be used without the book, but it would be so nice and helpful to have the book on hand.  I thought the opposite words could be pantomimed by the children, and they could be added to word walls.

Here is the fun book trailer, available on You Tube.

I especially want to thank Teachers Clipart on Teachers Pay Teachers for making the custom camel art (with and without a hump).  I couldn’t find art like that anywhere, and this store kindly made it for me.  This store has helped me out many times!

Teachers Clip-art Store on Teachers Pay Teachers

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Carolyn Wilhelm!