We learned how to make strawberry jam in a crock pot at home or school in the year long Montessori online class by Karen Tyler. I’m sure the recipe is available elsewhere. I did enjoy learning how to do this using the Montessori Method and involving the children in the process. So, first, the berries stems are removed. Then the children can rinse the berries themselves.
Make Strawberry Jam in a Crock Pot at Home or School

After the berries are ready for mashing, we mashed a portion at a time in a bowl. Mashing was harder than we thought it would be!


The next part was interesting as they are simply cooked in a crock pot all day long. They have to be checked to be sure the pectin is working, of course. Maybe you have made jam with another method and know about this part already.


Strawberry Jam Ready for Tasting

After the berries cool, the children can spoon some in jars they bring from home (or have at home). Mmmmm! They will also be ready to spread some on bread and taste their finished work. Students get to share the jam with their families.


I made a free editable jam jar labels for both strawberry and blueberry jam for this post. I used Avery labels (not an affiliate) 8163. Also, these are just labels about 2 inches by 4 inches in size and may be used with sticker paper. There are 10 on a page. When you type in one blue square, all the rest will be filled in with the same text. The name of a school might be typed in if the jam is made at school, or the child’s name if prepared at home.



This is a picture of one page of the jam jar labels. When text is entered in one blue rectangle, all the labels will populate with the same text. Quick and easy!


Thank you for reading, Carolyn


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