Word search? Coloring? and Writing? All with little teacher directions required? This print and go set of 3 student pages and one teacher resources page with a penguin theme. There is a Penguin word search, and the answer key is provided. The coloring page has penguin themed words. An illustrated types of penguins word writing page is included. There is a good work award for teacher use with two per page. No prep!  This is free in our free eMember area. Sign up here — and click on the free radio button to remove the priced option. Thank you!

This is an image of the word search page. An answer key is provided.

Penguin Word Search, Coloring, and Writing Freebie

There is a coloring page so children may color the words related to penguins. Children will not be asking what they should do as they like to color in letters. You may have to say no “rainbow” letters as those take so long for children to finish.


Then there is a writing page with names of types of penguins. Because the words are provided, spelling will not be an issue. No one will ask how do you spell . . . ?


These pages may be placed in a science center and children will be able to work independently. A good work award page is provided for an optional teacher resource.


It is free to join and free to download this and many other educational PDFs.

I hope some people will be able to use this freebie!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn