Free Printable for Three Cheers for Tacky by H Lester

Three Cheers for Tacky by Helen Lester book cover photoThis post has two free printables and one is for Tacky the Penguin, and the other is for Three Cheers for Tacky, written by Helen Lester, and  illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.

Tacky is an odd penguin and never quite fits in, insisting on wearing a Hawaiian shirt in nice icy land (the Antarctic).  He is a little like Curious George in that he always gives the other penguins trouble, but somehow always saves the day at the same time.  The first pages will have children laughing as he isn’t quite as good a student as the other penguins, having some trouble (revealed in the hilarious illustrations) with reading, writing, and math.  This story is about the Great Penguin Cheering Contest, and Tacky enters with a team of penguins who are perfect in every way, and one is even named Perfect.  The  winners of the contest will win shiny blue bow ties!  What Tacky could do with a shiny bow tie, like put it on his feet!

I made a free 19 page PDF with illustrated pocket chart cards so the children can practice cheers (practice reading) either the perfect or the Tacky way.  If the children act out the cheers, it can also be a movement opportunity.  There is a writing page to write perfect and imperfect cheers (as in the story), and a coloring page so students can either color Tacky’s clothing perfectly or with clashing colors.  I included a little writing frame is at the end of the PDF.

There are other Tacky stories in this series of books, so check them out, too.

Click on these words for the free printable, as shown in the picture below.

Free Printable for Three Cheers for Tacky by H Lester

This is the other free words and writing printable.Tacky the PenguinThank you for reading, Carolyn

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