Ten Frames Matching Cards 1-31 Instant Download
Tens frames are a good way to help students learn to count on, and thus begin to lay the foundation for being able to learn addition. It is one thing to practice subatizing with the flash cards, and another step is to arrange the cards in order (or even match randomly).

So in this printable PDF instant download, there are three sets of cards.


Miss Owl uses a set of flashcards with purple dots tens frames at school. She wanted me to buy her a pack, but it was printed by the school district for use in classrooms. It is not something I could purchase. Therefore, I made a similar set. Another child told me he had asked for a hundreds chart for his birthday. Really, children love teaching resources! Put a ring in the flashcard set and Miss Owl is ready to play teacher. She loves the rings used to hold different sets of flashcards together. tens-frames-flash-cards-with-binder-ring

The first is like flashcards, complete with number and the tens frames dots, from 1 through 31.

tens-frames-1-31-put-in-order_Page_05Next, there is a card with only the numbers with space to add the separate matching cards with the dots. This is also for 1-31. These cards could be printed out and cut apart, or not. The pages could be taped together to make a number line for children to add the dot cards.


Finally, the dot cards are on separate cards. These would be cut apart as individual cards for children to manipulate and arrange to match the numbers. The more practice, the more instantly the numbers are recognized (subatized). Children who keep counting from 1 through the number sets need more awareness of counting by tens, and then counting on to find the total number.


Here are the cards printed and cut apart, which is one way they could be used.

Ten Frames Matching Cards 1-31 Instant Download

Here are the cards in use with the blank number cards not cut apart, and lined up from 1 to 31. It is probably a little easier to begin this way.


Thank you, Carolyn

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