Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF

Ocean Animals dolphin, eagle ray, hammerhead shark, humpback whale, octopus, penguin, sea lion, sperm whale, starfish, tiger shark, and turtle are included in this 3-part cards printable PDF.  The free printable may be located in the free eMember area on the Montessori page. Not a member yet? Join us at this link!

Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF

I participate in the Montessori on a Budget Facebook group and today someone was asking about 3-part cards for the Oceans Toobs set. I had some of the photos already and then added a few to make this printable. The animals are so beautiful. I found some of the public domain pictures on a website from the National Oceanic AA Fisheries Services page.

There are eleven ocean creature cards, and do you know what? They are in Toobs ocean set, but that set is not required to use these materials. 

two of the animals included in the ocean-3-part-cards freebie

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The ocean is so very wonderful! The Monterey Bay website for kids has a wealth of information and also educational activities for children. Games and activities for students are available, also. If you haven’t seen this site, it is worth a look. See a vampire squid video at this link, too.

A lot of Montessori bloggers have the same ocean idea and have contributed some awesome ideas for a Montessori-inspired ocean unit with activities for preschoolers through early elementary. Find the post and information on the Living Montessori Now web site by Deb Chitwood. Deb always includes links to free printables and has photos showing how to use the materials in class.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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