Spring’s a Popping Punctuation Product and Freebie

This Spring’s a Popping Punctuation product has a free page in the preview PDF. Well, I think spring is on the way as I look at the melting mounds of snow in Minne-SNOW-ta. We have been having nice weather which was so appreciated. I’ve been working on a spring punctuation printable to help get ready for spring literacy lessons. See the DEMO for this product right here. Please scroll down for the separate freebie.

Spring's a Popping Punctuation Product and Freebie

First, what is included in the full printable.


This printable has several sections including punctuation posters, pocket chart cards, and anchor text sentences for classroom display or guided reading teacher binders.

punctuation posters for Pre-k-grade 1

A second set of more difficult punctuation that independent readers will certainly find in their books is also included.

Grade 2 punctuation posters

*There is a section on sentence sorting which includes photos.

sentence sorting activity for punctuation


*The punctuation flowers are for classroom displays.


*There are student work pages that may be inserted into plastic sleeves for dry erase marker and play-dough use.


 *This collage shows the student pages included.Student work activities pages collage

*There are three emergent readers which include sentences with a period, comma, question mark, and an exclamation point in each one.

emergent readers for punctuation including period, comma, question mark, and exclamation point

This 127 page spring theme printable has activities, sentence sorting, play-dough work mats, games, a bulletin board display, and short emergent readers for expressive oral reading by paying attention to punctuation. This product is a full unit for your classroom.
Table of Contents
Page 5 Teacher information Synopsis
Page 6 Teacher information with photos of materials in use, Pre-K
Page 7 Teacher information for K/1 with photos
Page 8 Game option information for the 4 square pages
Page 9 Sentence sorting activity instructions
Page 10 Popping activity
Page 11 Sentences for sorting activity
Page 35-51 Student work pages and play-dough/dry-erase-markers pages
Pages 52-71 Posters and pocket chart cards for
period, question mark, exclamation point, and comma
Pages 71– 94 Posters and pocket chart cards for apostrophe, parentheses, quotation marks, semicolon, and colon
Page 95-109 Emergent readers
Pages 110-122 Flowers for display
Page 123 Game directions and game boards in color and black and white

Now the freebie, which is separate but related to this product.  The game cards are editable and this is a free instant download right here.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Carolyn Wilhelm