This post is about the book Baby Penguin Slips and Slides and has free Valentine penguin game printables. Baby Penguin Slips and Slides by Michael Teitelbaum helps children realize try, try again is a good strategy when learning new things.  The engaging story will be one they want to read again and again.


First, here is a free printable with pocket chart card words relating to the Baby Penguin book, but they are words children will associate with penguins without necessarily having the book on hand. This printable is 7 pages.

Today I have a free 52 page printable with four games.  Download your copy by clicking on these words, or click on the photo below.  This printable opens right here on the blog.

Free Valentine Penguin and Math Games -- anytime math to 20 penguin theme game, number words, facts, and Valentine matching

The Free Valentine Penguin Games Include The Following:

1. ABC Upper and Lower Case Letter Match

2. Match Numbers 1-12 with Number Words

3. Easy Addition Match

4. Valentine Penguin Game

Enjoy!  Carolyn