Hen craft challenge? What’s that? The Molly Moo Blog issued a Hen Craft Challenge, the idea being we would make hens representative of where we live. Molly has many fun arts and crafts projects, and comes to us from Ireland.  This is a link to her googly eye bombing post.  Funny! Molly Moo has directions on the right way to make a paper mache hen (you will notice I didn’t even attempt to make one of those).  You will find many great ideas to use with your students or children on Molly’s Hen Challenge Pinterest board.

Well, I’m sure these projects aren’t especially representative of Minnesota. I guess if I made a hen that really represented Minn-e-snow-ta, it would be made of snow.  We are getting several more inches tonight!  So sad for April 22!

I had an idea to make a hen with birch bark (we have lots of dead trees, sigh) and pine needles and a pine cone nose.  However, everything is so wet now, so this is all I came up with for that, but keep reading as I had some other ideas.

Hen Craft Project Free Craftivity PDF

My first ideas are Pinterest-inspired, and if you pin, you may recognize my hens are adapted from ideas on craft/art boards.  This is my own free printable with instructions.  There is some how-to information included in the printable pages.  There is also a printable cube page, for instance.  I hope some of you will enjoy making these.

Hen Craft Project Free Craftivity PDF

I also remembered a fold-able display that sometimes we make as a  book report project in first grade.  The idea is that all the children read different books, and draw-cut-and-paste the characters and scenery on to folded paper. When they share their art, many don’t realize they are actually giving a (scary) book report. The final project can be folded shut and tied with a ribbon.  I thought of the Little Red Hen (see my free reading play here).

Hen Craftsteps-in-hen-on-a-cube-craft_Page_01

This project is probably one the children can do by themselves, but I made a printable with the photo directions below, and also some farm art.  Maybe the first time, try using the printable, and then after that children could be more creative with stories they know. Please do not upload this to sharing or any sites (links or pins are fine). Thank you.

 Hen and Farm Art Printable

Hen Craft -- Project

I hope you will visit many of the hen projects in this blog hop.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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