Earth Day Printable for K-1 Free Sorting PDFThis post has a free Earth Day printable for K-1.  The book THE EARTH AND I by Frank Asch could be used with these materials, but it is not required.

The Earth and I is a very short book with simple text and wonderful illustrations.  The basic idea is that the earth helps the boy in the story, and he helps the earth.  Read this book aloud slowly, allowing time for children to figure out the rich and important information being told in the beautiful pictures.  Children can practice inferring with this book, as “inferring is the author plus my thinking.” The children can figure out much of the story by paying attention to it while thinking. For instance, the boy is raking in one picture, and the text says he is dancing for the earth.

In the next two-page spread, the earth dances for the boy.  How could the earth dance?  The picture shows swirling leaves and wind.  The earth is sad in this story, too.  How could the earth be sad?  A picture of a trash heap explains!  This is a perfect earth day book with suggestions of how to responsibly care for the earth.  Are the children able to make a list of ways the boy helps the earth?  How can your students help the earth?

Earth Day Sorting

My free earth day printable may only be used by teachers or parents in classrooms or at home, and only for educational purposes.  It may not be uploaded to sharing sites.  It may not be posted on your blog or site.  Thank you for understanding.


One cut and paste page for sorting how we can help the earth, and how the earth helps us.Earth Day

The sorting activities may be placed on trays, Montessori style. Here is the 5 senses sroting activity in process.


This is the two column sorting activity set up and being used. Students sort good ideas from not so good ones.


You might also like this free spring product at this link which has an Earth Day graphing activity, as well.


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Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Free Earth Day Printable for K-1

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