Cut and fold craft, anyone? Surfer Kids is the designer of this website and logo, and I have been finding new and creative products in his TpT store. For instance, the owl and rabbit cut, glue, and fold crafts are very fun for children. These are so nice they could be a classroom project, or even used as birthday party favors. They are perfect glued on craft sticks (with cotton balls for tails on the back) for dancing the Bunny Hop. rabbit craft cut and fold craft Crafts-and-Classroom-Decorations-Rabbit-ThemeHop, hop, do the bunny hop!

rabbit craft bunnies-print-and-fold-fun craft

Cut and Fold Owl Craft Printable

The owl product is separate and based on the same idea to cut, glue, fold, and enjoy. Of course, owls are a favorite around here!cut and fold craft Crafts-and-Classroom-Decorations-Owl-Theme

I added tissue paper wings to the back of the owls so when children run with them the wings will flap to give the illusion of flying.owl flying-owls-fold-and-fly-fun

Cut and Fold Rabbit

These are the steps for folding the rabbit. They are very similar to the steps for folding the owl paper craft. rabbit craft directions-for-making-rabbit-paper-folding-craft

Do save the examples as when there are enough, games may be played with them such as matching, same/different, or pantomime the animal. In the photo below, the examples were used to make an active game where one child pulled a card out of the bag, and then the group acted out the owl or rabbit by hopping or pretending to fly. save-the-examples-to-make-a-gameBy the way, Surfer Kids is on Teachers Pay Teachers. Surfer Kiddies is by the same artist, and he designed this blog.


Thank you for reading!

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