November or Not Picture Sort Cut and Paste Work Page

Oh, the day after Halloween and all the sugar and fun can be a little tough for the classroom.  Even if children did not participate, everyone is feeling a little let down or tired, and it can be difficult to concentrate the next day.  There is a corner to turn getting the group mindset back to reality.  This free things not in November cut and work page activity can help calm children and help them realize Halloween is so OVER!  It can also somewhat help them realize November is a long time from the December holidays.  There is no time like “kid time” when a six year old announces to the class the day after Halloween that now it is going to be Christmas!  That has happened in my classroom, and the anticipation starts too early.  In the minds of many students, they secretly think they are right.

November or Not Picture Sort Cut and Paste Work PageOn the work page, students have room to cut and paste about 8 items on each side.  An alternative would be to use 12″ X 18″ construction paper, and have the children title each side themselves.  Then all of the pictures could be used.  One year we made a bulletin board of this idea, which was fun.

When Halloween candy mysteriously appears in a backpack or pocket, be ready to say that now it is November and not time for candy anymore.  Kids are really good about not realizing they brought it to school!

I hope this helps a few teachers.

Thanks for reading, good luck tomorrow, Carolyn

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