Similes For K-2 Illustrated Printable Freebie

My-Yellow-Balloon-by-Chris-RobertsonSimiles can be tricky to learn in the primary grades. Chris Robertson shows how creatively children think in the story of My Yellow Umbrella, and by the way, the book is full of similes. A girl is friends with her umbrella, playing with it by day and dreaming with it at night. When she goes to bed at night, she tucks in it into an umbrella stand. The Red Balloon children’s movie inspired Mr. Robertson to write this book.  Do you know The Red Balloon video?  In it a boy makes friends with a red balloon and they have adventures in France.

Mr. Robertson sent me this book to preview for this post, and it was donated. I was inspired to make a similes printable for My Yellow Umbrella

Children with a new umbrella, raincoat, or rain boots have so much trouble waiting for rain.  They want to use their new rain gear and will wear it even on a cool sunny day.  Who can blame them when the colors and designs are so bright and irresistible?

One way an umbrella may be used indoors (with a few safety rules) is as a “tent” for a reading corner.  This photo shows such a center with an ocean theme.  Your child or students will be able to come up with many book themes for such reading times.

Similes Printable Freebie

My Yellow Umbrella is a perfect story for discussing similes, as Mr. Robertson uses many in this book.  Here is an excerpt:

 “I step inside my yellow umbrella and float away, 

like a daydream driving down a windy river.” 

I was inspired to make a free simile printable with pocket chart cards and two coloring pages. It would work best with My Yellow Umbrella but could be used with any children’s story with similes.

Similes For K-2 Illustrated Printable Freebie

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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