It’s Thanksgiving! This post has a free play, the Alphabet Family has a Healthy Thanksgiving printable. The book Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert could be used to accompany the play planning.

Eating-the-Alphabet-educational-book-for-childrenIt is a great time of the year to review healthy eating with the season of sweets just around the corner.  If remind children about vitamins, minerals, and eating right now the arguments might be less in December!  Lois Ehlert has a wonderfully illustrated and important book for children, Eating the Alphabet.  If we read this a few times just before the holiday baking, it might pay off!  It might even be a good reminder for us!

Thinking of the feasting ahead, I’ve written a little performance, THE ALPHABET FAMILY HAS A HEALTHY THANKSGIVING.  This would be something first or second grader could read.  There are 26 characters (A to Z) and one Grandma.  This begins with the discovery of an empty cornucopia!  Each letter helps by sharing one healthy food, and finally, in the end, the cornucopia is full.

Then Grandma rings the doorbell and has all the food she thought she was supposed to store at her house!  Oh, well, it is all healthy so it will be fine.  In this printable, I have suggested some songs by Strings, Keys, and Melodies that could be included.  There is a text only version at the very end of the PDF.  The illustrated version could be read as a story to introduce this to the children.  The pictures for the cornucopia are included, also.

Thanksgiving Fun

FREE Alphabet-Family-has-a-healthy-Thanksgiving printable performance, 51 pages


free editable Word Doc, also, so teachers can type in the names of the cast members:

photo of word doc page for cast

I hope you have fun with this!  Carolyn