Photo of President Obama at Honeywell in Minnesota of June 1st, 2012 Thank a Veteran or Active Duty Soldier Free PDFJune 1st, 2012, President Obama spoke at Honeywell in Golden Valley, Minnesota.  He selected Honeywell because of their commitment to and history of hiring veterans of our armed forces.  President Obama had a special reason for being at Honeywell that day as he was announcing new plans to help veterans.  According to the Honeywell news, “President Barack Obama made a stop at Honeywell’s Golden Valley, Minnesota site on June 1 to announce new initiatives for veteran job creation and celebrate Honeywell’s support of the Joining Forces Initiative, which has resulted in the hiring of more than 900 veterans.”  At the Joining Forces Initiative web page, Americans can get involved in helping veterans.  Also, there is a link to send a thank you them using  a simple online form!

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar at Honeywell that day, and she is in this photo:


Minnesota Senator Al Franken was also present, as was Governor Mark Dayton.  The Governor is on the far left of the next photo.

Governor Mark Dayton MN on far left

One 5th grader was in the crowd and worried about being absent from school.  President Obama signed his ticket and wrote, “Tyler was with me today.”  Tyler’s father was featured that day as being a veteran recently hired by Honeywell.

Honeywell is always a great place to send thank a veteran letters, as they can easily be distributed to the many vets who work there.  One of the teachers in my school said he was having his class thank a vet for their homework.  A student replied, “I’ll thank my vet tonight!  My cat is getting shots.”  It is important for children to know the difference between a soldier veteran and a veterinarian! This is a picture of my free PDF for this post which has printable cards and writing frames for children to fill out and express their thanks.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn