Need a kindergarten sight word wall? This post has cards for the first 40 sight words, the alphabet, some words with capital letters, punctuation, and the words on cards for the Swat flyswatter game. The Robbinsdale School District in Minnesota uses the words listed below. They have 20 sight words for spring and 20 more for fall. With this printable, a word wall may be posted in the classroom. Also, sentences may be constructed with the cards which include some picture words for sentences that will sound like reading when the pictures are named. The words on the cards with the flies could be placed in the reading center, as well. I volunteer for Miss Owl’s classroom and it has been a joy to watch the children learn these words and so much more this school year. The printable is 53 pages long. Teachers may select which portions they might want to use, and print only those pages.

Kindergarten Word Wall


I, can, we, the

like, a, see, go

to, have, is, play

are, for, you, this

do, and, what, said


little, here, was, she

he, has, look, with

my, me, where, in

come, your, on, it

that, not, yes, from

Punctuation marks (2 each)

period, question mark, and exclamation point

Word cards also with a capital letter

Can, Do, Was, Where, Are, What, Here, Play,

He, She, Is, Look, You

The contents are as follows:

Pages 3-16 word cards with border

Pages 17-23 Alphabet cards

Pages 24-29 Pictures to help make sentences

Pages 30-31 Blank cards

Pages 32-45 word cards without borders

(for sentences)

Pages 46-56 bug word cards for the SWAT game

The words with borders for the word wall look like this sample page image.


The alphabet cards have the same border.


The words without borders may be used with a pocket chart to make sentences.


Possible asking and telling sentences with the words in this set.

Print extra copies of the word pages for multiple sentences at a time.

  1. She is (picture of a girl reading).
  2. He is (picture of a boy reading).
  3. Was the (picture of airplane) here?
  4. Where was the (picture of vehicle).
  5. Can you play?
  6. Do you see the (picture of flower)?
  7. Play with me.
  8. Is (picture of person) here?
  9. You are in the (picture of school bus, car, plane).
  10. Was (picture of person) here?
  11. Do you play with (picture of person)?
  12. She is in the (picture of bus or plane).
  13. He is in the (picture of bus or plane).
  14. He is (picture of boy putting blocks away or sitting crisscross apple sauce).
  15. She is (picture of color crayons or girl singing).
  16. He or she is in the (picture of park or ice cream truck).
  17. Is that a (plane, car, or flower).?
  18. Is he (picture of boy cooking)?
  19. Is the (picture of ice cream truck) here?
  20. What (picture of someone reading a book) do you have?

The children love the Swat game. It’s a big hit (pun intended). I bought a game online and used the small plastic fly-swatters. If there are two or more players, the first to hit the word would keep the card until the end of the game. It works fine to play with one child as they love a chance to hit the words.


Here is the entire printable laminated and being cut apart.

And here it is finished and organized. I put the words with capital letters in a separate bag for when the class makes sentences.


Thank you for reading! Carolyn

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