This post has a free gardening theme printable for Pre-K through 1. Basic vocabulary, color by number, coloring pages, and patterning are included. This post was inspired by Safari Ltd. who kindly sent us some beautiful fairies for our fairy garden project.

In Minnesota we have still have some freezing temperatures at night in May, so we wanted to plant after all danger of frost was past. It was difficult to wait! Minnesota has the most northerly point in the contiguous USA in the Northwest Angle, Minnesota, at 49º 23’N. It appears on a map that Minnesota is not so far north as other states, until you check the latitude. It is finally our turn for spring.

Gardening Printable and Fairy Garden Activity and Free PDF

The fairies Safari Ltd. sent were a box with three of the tea party sets, a Buttercup the Fairy, a Iris the Fairy, and a Violet the Fairy. The girls were amazed and liked them so very much. (Non-affiliate links) The tea party fairies are removable from their mushroom chairs and also from the table, which isn’t apparent from the packaging and nice to learn. We also used other items gathered from gift shop, garden centers, tree cookies cut by my husband for us, and online sales to round out the activity.

Fairy Garden Building

First, the soil was added to the planting pots and also some amethyst rocks.


Then we opened our wonderful box from Safari Ltd. and found the fairies they sent. I think she is too surprised to smile! It was her very first fairy garden, after all.


The supplies were divided up into 3 of everything. That was very fun, also.


The plants and tree cookies were shared all around.


On to the designing

Let the digging begin! Have you heard it is good for children’s skin to come in contact with dirt? let-the-digging-begin

Everyone worked hard and thought about their own garden designs.


Arranging and rearranging was necessary.


Here is an almost complete fairy garden. This one has a little pond for the fairies.


Oh, now she gets it! A fairy garden, why didn’t you say so? The light bulb goes on!


Time For The Finishing Touches

Florist moss was added as a final touch.


Done! Now the fairy gardens are moving to their new homes.


With our own watering cans we can care for the gardens ourselves!


Flower Printable

Now for the free flower theme printable complete with some vocabulary words and coloring pages for you.


Thank you so much for reading, Carolyn

Additional Gardening Resources

Another flowers activity pack free printable is at this link, with several photos of the pages in use.


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You might also like free printable "What will I be when I grow up?" posters

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