Number Names Match 1-20 Spring Theme Free PDF

Number Names Match 1-20 Spring Theme Free PDFNumber names match games with a spring flair! This printable has free sorting cards or a matching game for numbers up through 20. Use the pages that suit your class best. Directions are included. The numbers are represented with tallies, coins, dice, tens/ones, and so on. There are 51 printable pages, in color (the activities are not color specific, however, so coloring printing is not necessary).

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When I taught first-grade math, it seemed difficult for many children to understand 5 tallies were the same amount as 5 pennies, and those were the same as the amount of 5 on a number cube — and then those were the same as the amount of 5 craft sticks or tallies. These games help children form a concept that 5 is 5. When they see the similarities and understand there are 5 of whatever is being examined, it helps them understand it isn’t a different five of something here and a different five over there. If children have to count to five, for instance, each time, they are not ready for basic math facts. The most important number is ten — we have ten fingers and ten toes, and our math is base ten. Repetition is the key to learning and it is important to reinforce each number is the same amount in whatever way it is presented. Before addition and subtraction are possible, children must be able to subitize (recognize amounts without counting) numbers. These games help work towards that goal.


This printable is nice for spring math centers. The pages are in numerical order so only 1-10 or 11-20 may be used at a time. There is a game for student use, or use with a classroom volunteer or paraprofessional. There are some teaching posters, for instance, people have different names and so do numbers. The pages could be used for matching with tallies, dice, coins or other manipulatives.

To introduce the cards for ESL or special ed, the number pages may be used for matching and not as a game. Later, the game may be played.

Happy learning!  Carolyn

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