Halloween in a Tin Free Printable This post has a Halloween in a Tin free printable and AWESOME Halloween Read and Play Blog Hop. There are activities for many favorite children’s Halloween stories. I am sharing a new non-scary printable that could accompany any Halloween story, Halloween fun in a tin.  Specifically, this printable is made to fit inside two Altoids tins if both pages are printed.  It is best if the pages are printed on card stock to give the small buildings and trick-or-treat characters some durability. The good thing about this is that no candy is involved, and it gives the children something to do while waiting for the big day.

Halloween in a Tin

Now for the Halloween in a Tin free printable. For younger children, either the parent could cut out the pictures, or the child could bubble cut around the top portions.  Older children might like to help by cutting out the items for younger children. After printing, especially if only printed on copy paper, it is best to create a circle at the bottom of each figure and tape closed.  The little people could also be finger puppets that way, also. The buildings stand up more easily with just the tabs folded back.


Another idea with an Altoids tin is pictured, below, and I just used scraps and made up this little monster. He can be put to bed in his tin, covered with a blanket, and be told good night.  I used scraps of felt, flat pieces of felt for the feet and ears, small buttons for decoration and eyes, and a tiny bit of stuffing.  Good night, monster!


Now for a short round of up of the Halloween type stories I have shared before on my blog, and a few other ideas.  The children are so excited in October and it is easy to work in some learning opportunities with their interest.

More Halloween Ideas

free matching cards for homonymsHalloween brings along things such as questionable costumes and an overload of sugar, but it can also bring along more wholesome entertainment.  One such paragon is Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery by Debra and James Howe. Please find a free printable at this guest post by I. Reid.

free-monster-adjectives-printableFree printable monster adjectives with letter-sized teaching posters for each word, and a printable game for your emergent readers to play. Click on the link or the picture to the left to download your copy. Use this after reading Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and encouraging your child to describe the monsters.


This free Halloween bingo printable in our free members’ area is a non-scary version, appropriate for young audiences and family fun. Free to join, just remove the payment option by clicking the free membership option.

free printable for Stellaluna
Stellaluna is a classroom favorite read near Halloween. This book is by Janell Cannon, and tells a story children relate to well, a baby bat has lost its mother and family.  A bird family adopts it, but they sleep right side up and they don’t eat good food! I revised my free printable for this post, and it will open right here.

Thank you for reading! Carolyn