For December alphabet practice and calendar displays, I have this  free instant download printable for December theme alphabet matching focusing on lower case letters, December coloring pages (to help children wait), and December and January calendar pieces.


Each letter has four cards for matching. Emergen readers might only use a letter and an image, to match pairs. More independent readers could use all four cards. Also, it would be possible to create a December word wall using the largest letters for the top row, and placing the other cards in other rows.


This is the page for the letter j.


For calendar time, there are pieces for December with a snowman for decoration. Special days include birthdays, library day, field trip, or special day. A blank card may be used for individual classroom purposes.


The January calendar pieces have snowflakes and the same special days.


Coloring pages are also included.


There is a color words page for the children. This is the answer key.


Thank you for reading!  Carolyn

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