Merry Matching Drop e, Add -ing Christmas Theme Game

Add ing with our without dropping the e? This post has a free 49 page printable, Merry Matching, with a game board, cards, and letter sized teaching posters to help students learn whether or not to drop e before adding -ing. A good book to read about Christmas words is Inside, Outside Christmas, by Robin Spowart.
This book is a cozy comfort book according to the book jacket.  It really is a lovely book.  Each picture tells so much, but there are only two words on each page.  For instance, “Inside, munching” is followed by, “Outside, crunching.” This book really tells all about the feelings of the Christmas season.  The mice prepare for Christmas by baking, buying, giving, lighting, writing, and more.  What a very nice book.  Of course, at the end both inside and outside have love!

I was inspired to made a Merry-Matching-Center (free PDF, opens right here).  Student match base words and the same words with the -ing version.  This center would work very well with the book or instruction about dropping the e when adding –ing.  The most difficult match is tie and tying.  This PDF has 49 pages and offers printing options for more or less color printing.

Merry Matching Drop e, Add -ing Christmas Theme Game

There are letter sized teaching posters such as the following one to help children learning the rules about adding -ing to root words. Phonics is more fun when it involves Christmas words!

just add ing

And this one for when the e should be dropped before adding ing.

drop e, add ing

There are game cards pages to print and cut apart.

one of the game cards pages

Then there is a game mat for collecting cards.

merry matching phonics game mat

Happy reading, Carolyn


Free instant downloads for December and Christmas!

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