book cover photo for the Three Little DassiesThis post has a free printable for The Three Little Dassies by Jan Brett, for students to create their own story variation. It also has a book review of the book. This adaptation of the three little pigs by Jan Brett takes place in South Africa.  After being inspired by adorable little rock dassies while camping in Namibia, she wrote this story. Mimbi, Pimbi, and Timbi wave good-bye to the parents as do the three little pigs, but they have an eagle–not a fox–to avoid.  Real dassies have fur and look something like a walking koala, apparently.

My free printable does not require the book for use, but reading this variation to children will help them think of their own adaptions of the story. Other variations of the 3 pigs story would also be good to have on hand to show children how stories can be changed and rewritten by different authors.

The Three Little Dassies by J Brett Free Activities PDF


This free printable has several different animals stick puppets that could be taped on craft sticks to allow children to practice retelling or making up their own stories about the 3 little pigs.  There is a writing frame with prompts for emergent writers to add to and thereby write their own story variations.

Thanks for reading, Carolyn

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