This post has a round-up of penguin theme freebies and a DIY idea to create an anti-bully box with easily found items to have on hand for when feelings are hurt. It also has links to several penguin theme free printables. A YouTube video helps explain the free instant download for letter writing between victim and bully, or for other letter writing purposes.


Penguin Freebies and DIY Anti-Bully Box

I purchased some items myself from author Theodore Jerome Cohen and when I opened the box, I realized it was an “anti-bully box” of resources for parents and teachers. The story Pepe Builds a Nest has a bully theme, and the article in the Story Monsters Ink. magzine by the author was about bullies. I realized anyone could assemble a DIY anti-bully box by placing bully theme books, a stuffed animal mascott, educational articles such as the free one at the online magazine, and be ready for those moments when tender feelings are hurt. order-from-Theodore-Jerome-Cohen-Pepe-books-in-3-languages

I arranged the books and resources and consideredred this thought a little while.

Pepe-book-in-three-languages (2)

Then I thought of making a free letter writing printable for teachers so students could write to each other, expressing feelings, or apologies.


The printable includes several letter writing templates.


The YouTube video explains more about the free PDF.

Thank you for reading! Carolyn