This post has a free writing printable for Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship by Hatkoff.

Do you know this amazing and true story?  This story is so wonderful it has its own website:  Owen & Mzee   What is it?  An orphaned baby hippo takes a tortoise for its mother, and they live happily ever after!  This story has amazed even scientists.  After a Tsunami, a baby hippo had no family.  Owen, the hippo, was taken to Haller Park where it met a tortoise.  The pair became inseparable and the hippo found much comfort in the tortoise.

This Owen & Mzee website has links to other remarkable animal nonfiction stories such as Knut, the orphaned baby polar bear, and others.  Children and adults find these stories fascinating.  The site has videos to watch and more information.  There is even a special secret answer on Mzee’s Secret Revealed, and don’t look yet unless you already know the story.  And here is a link to a special letter!

Free Writing Printable for Owen & Mzee

So, again I was inspired by Ian Nicholls of Masketeers as his animal clip art collection includes a hippo and a tortoise.  So I made a writing frame so children could tell the Owen and Mzee story in their own words.  Then I also made a fiction writing frame for another animals story with a cat, a zebra, and a butterfly.  I included a student and teacher rubric, as well.  The entire PDF is 15 pages:  animal story writing frame, 15 pages, PDF, free

Free Writing Printable for Owen & Mzee

Happy reading and writing, Carolyn