St. Nicholas Day in the Netherlands Free PDF

This St. Nicholas Day PDF is on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It has options for color as well as black and white printing. These pages are for sharing about St. Nicholas Day, as celebrated in the Netherlands.  I lived in the NL, and experienced this first hand.  

St. Nicholas Day in the Netherlands Free PDF

First is a little story about St. Nick Day in the Netherlands. This is a link to my much longer blog post with other freebies, photos, and information about Christmas in the (2)

The story is provided in color and in black and white for printing options.  Then there is a Venn diagram either the teacher or the students could use.

free-St-Nick-Day-Printable-on-TpT (3)

An answer key for the Venn diagram is included, as well.

free-St-Nick-Day-Printable-on-TpT (4)

There is a count and graph activity for holidays around the world included with this printable. It is nice to include the other holidays class members are celebrating, too!


The count and graph has a student work page to accompany it, which could either be used in a math center with crayons, or placed in a plastic sleeve for use with dry erase markers or (7)

This is a photo of the activity in use.  It is best to suggest to the children they should color in all the pictures that are the same with one color, and then color in that part of the graph. This will support the students for success.

coloring-count-and-graphcoloring-count-and-graph Bookmarks could be placed in a scissors center for cutting practice, or prepared ahead of time by the teacher. scissors-center-bookmarks

The bookmarks are also provided in black and white for your art center.
free-St-Nick-Day-Printable-on-TpT (5)I was so happy to find Kari Bolt Clip Art on TpT who created lovely art I could share on this printable.  She prefers her art is shared on TpT.  Making freebies is a complicated business with all the different terms of use of artists, stores, and so on.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm