This post has a free peace bingo game printable with all the materials required for a classroom activity. Of course, it may be played with just one child at home as well. The idea is that is it played in silence to help calm a child and focus on peaceful things. 

Do you need a little peace in your classroom for whatever reason—the children have heard some terrible news, are too excited for the holidays, or some reason known only to the children?  This bingo game could be played to cool things down and help the children be calm.  The idea is to play the game in pretty much silence, with students raising their hands instead of yelling bingo if they win.

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Peace Bingo for the Classroom

Disturbing current events discussions in the classroom or at home would benefit from ending with a calming activity such as this, to allow students to redirect themselves to nicer thoughts.

Peace Bingo for the Classroom Free Printable

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With the sometimes terrible news children can’t help but hearing,  I thought a calming activity would be nice to have on hand for the children.  The game could be played in silence to calming music, or it could be a whisper game.  Good luck and positive thoughts to everyone dealing with recent events.

Carolyn Wilhelm