The Best of Tess for the Elementary Set


This is a fun FREE calendar gift for your younger students or for the young ones in your life. Give each child a special calendar on which they can keep track of the countdown to Christmas. Attach a small candy treat to each day on the calendar, and when all the candy is gone, it will be Christmas Day. Use sugar free or alternatives such as small erasers if candy isn’t appropriate in your home or school.  The Best of Tess for the Elementary SetNote: This must be ready to give to students on or before December 1st.

Here is another FREE Secret Pal activity that is sure to please your students. Each student will have a Secret Pal and provide small treats and gifts for that person each day of the last week before the Winter Break.

On the last day of the activity, students will learn the identity of their Secret Santa. Charlene Tess used this activity in her classroom to teach writing skills, listening skills, and to provide an opportunity for students to have fun.
Simple-Steps-to-Sentence-Sense-for-Elementary-Grades-and-ESL-Students, cover photo

Charlene Tess is an accomplished English teacher, curriculum writer, and author.  She has been using her own lessons since 1996, and has refined her curriculum to the point of perfection.  Her books will make the life of teacher of English, ELL, or ESL teacher easier.  This priced product is available at Teachers Pay Teachers, and is well worth the small investment.

Grammar texts and workbooks can be complicated and difficult to use.

Charlene’s book is different.

It contains carefully constructed sentences that incorporate only the elements that have been introduced to that point in the program. This eliminates the frustration students and teachers often feel while using a standard textbook. It is easy to use and follow.

This book is written expressly for elementary students, and for students who are learning English as a second language. The lessons you will present are succinct. It is important to teach the lessons in order. After each lesson, there is practice in the skills and writing of original sentences.  An answer key is always provided in Simple Steps to Sentence Sense.