This post has information about Skillful Scarecrow Activities and freebie Roll-a-Scarecrow printable page.  SKILLFUL SCARECROW does not have a holiday theme, only a fall theme. I made it with just fall clip art so it could be used anytime in the fall. Writing, math, and reading centers, and a printable game are all included. 78 pages of fall fun! Although I’m sad to see the leaves turning color already, the colors will be beautiful and many nice weather days are still ahead.

The PDF with Easel activities is on Teachers Pay Teachers. 


Here is a picture of pages in the SK center and optional game. Recording pages are included.

Skillful Scarecrowdemo-skillful-scarecrows-May-2014b Centers and Writing Frames: Skillful Scarecrow PDF, 78 pages

Skillful Scarecrows
Scarecrow Theme
Table of Contents
Pages 5–16 Math Center counting and skip counting up to 120, and corresponding recording pages
Pages 17–28 SK Word Center, word mats, recording page
Pages 29-55 Writing Frames and Rubrics, 3 different story starters, differentiated writing paper
Pages 56-63 Scarecrow and Crow Game, sc and cr words,
or use game board with the additional number patterns
Pages 64-66 Fall Class Decor
Pages 67-78 Graphing and activities demo-skillful-scarecrows   This is a picture of pages in the writing activities and the math center.  The writing center has different covers with titles that are story prompts.  It includes a word bank.demo-skillful-scarecrows-4 demo-skillful-scarecrows-May-2014d


roll-a-scare-crow-cover Roll-a-Scarecrow has NO PREP graphing and printable work with 3 addends. To reuse the graphing page, just place them in a plastic sleeve and provide dry markers for the children.  Activities printed in color as so appealing, but the cost for classroom sets would be prohibitive. Most of this section has black and white printing. roll-a-scare-crow-demo FREE sample roll-a-scarecrow page here, odd numbers, 3 addends, one page, OPENS HERE 3 addends,free,scarecrow,odd numbersThank you for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm, signature

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A to Z sports word walls, anyone? It will soon be time for writing workshop and themed word walls are always nice to have on hand.


Construction vehicles names, as it is beneficial for children to be able to name and know what the big machines do. We all like to understand our world.

first-grade-ladybugs -40-page-writing-math-freebie

First Grade Ladybugs 40 page work pack


The editable workshop rubrics version is in our free eMembers area. It has blue boxes on the PDF in which teachers can write their own criteria or standards.


The Mitten is an old Ukrainian folk tale. The school library should have copies of different versions of the book to compare and contrast.


Oliver and Amanda’s Christmas Book Companion

Sh and Th Printable ISNs and Read the Room free eMembers

Sh and Th Printable ISNs and Read the Room – Digraphs are usually taught after all the letter and vowel sounds.


There is a short i and long i milk caps (or card stock circles). These are activities for small group reading time, or for the literacy center.


There is a short u and long u milk caps (or card stock circles). These are activities for small group reading time, or for the literacy center.