This post has a new 3-part cards freebie for our free eMembers. It is beneficial for children to be able to name construction vehicles and know what the big machines do.  When they see them in their daily life, they are more able to understand what is going on and what the big machines can do. We all like to understand our world.

Montessori-inspired-3-part-for-news-subscribers free for new Montessori subscribersOh, how children like to watch trucks and activity especially if they can see something developing such as nearby buildings or homes going up.  

Construction Vehicles

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Everyone is interested when repairs are being made, such as these repairs to a water main we watched last summer. This was so interesting to watch.  The workers did repair and fix the landscaping, of course. It didn’t take long. I’m sure you know how captivating such activity can be. If something is being built near your house, take advantage of it and work in some learning.


The names of construction equipment is fairly descriptive and children can figure out what the machines do with the knowledge of the names as well as watching the vehicles at work. The printable has 4 cards on a page. For emergent learners, the two picture cards per page could be used. For more advanced readers, three or four cards from each page could be used for labeling, reading, and matching. Select and use the parts of each page that best fit your students or children.

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Construction Vehicles 3-part Cards Freebie for new subscribers

  Thank you so much, Carolyn