Free Short i and Long i Printable

There is a short i and long i milk caps (or card stock circles) for download in the eMember free level area. These are activities for small group reading time, or for the literacy center. Activities help children become familiar with new learning by associating it with what they already know.

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Free short i and long i printable for free is in the eMembers in the free area.


The information included in the PDF:
Table of Contents


Teacher Information


One-inch circles have short i words and pictures to use on work mats. If you happen to have a one-inch circle paper punch, that may be used for quick preparation work. The circles may be glued on milk caps. Or, use cardstock and skip the milk caps. Both ways will help the materials be saved for reuse.


The color circles may be used with the color work mat, which may be laminated or placed in a plastic sleeve for durability. These activities could be introduced in small group literacy sessions, and then placed in the literacy center.


Answers may vary for placement of words and images, however, children should say the name of the picture or read the word for reinforcement. *Note: “Win” refers to a story such as Charlotte’s Web where the animals are shown at the local fair. 


This is a picture of the black and white printing option farm work mat.


After some practice with the activities, a word writing worksheet helps children practice.


Word and image paper cubes are for use along with the graphing recording page.


The graphing recording pages are for black and white printing.


The graphing recording pages are for black and white printing.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn