Mementos: A Unique Collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Mementos-Collection-Stories-Fiction-Anthologies-review-of-bookThis newly-released book by Theodore Jerome Cohen reveals the talents of a profound author who is able to write in many voices to represent different people across countries, races, religions, and decades. Taking viewpoints of individuals to represent a place in the world and a time in history, he weaves believable stories to help build understanding across cultures. This book was difficult to put down even though it is comprised of short stories and flash fiction. The book is now on Amazon.

Writing groups could mentor themselves to this book as they practice writing from different viewpoints and persons. It would serve as a guidebook to be discussed by people who may want to apprentice themselves to the challenge of writing in different voices.

Each story is based on a single photograph, and are based on a wide variety of situations such as military life during and after wars. Some of the stories are several pages, and some are award-winning flash fiction pieces of 250 words. The awards are such as “Flash Fiction Star” or ”Editor’s Choice” and are listed in the text. The author suggests reading the endnotes of stories that seem obtuse, but I say read all the endnotes for further information, entertainment, and thoughtful inspiration.

Stories vary from judgment day, to “Trampled” about a suffragette who ran in front of a King’s horse, a secretary hired only for beauty, suicide, death during war, and talking animals. The author writes convincingly about a Southern Baptist Preacher, a high school reunion, a math savant, a Catholic Priest, and a family home invaded black soot with coal-burning, fire-breathing steam engines, and coal smoke. I learned some new things like a catafalque is used to represent a casket in the absence of a body. I learned about a megasavant person, which was a new vocabulary word for me. I like learning while I read.

I would like to end this review with an end note, but they are best understood by reading the stories and notes themselves.

Highly recommended!

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Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction – Books 1-6

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The seventh flash fiction has an animal theme and will be an eBook only.


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Winter, 2018

Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 3, by Theodore Jerome Cohen

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