This post has a free 3-part vegetable matching card printable with clip art and also photos of vegetables.  Please print the pages of interest for your teaching situation. What inspired this printable is that we are participating in a CSA this summer, and are getting a weekly assortment of vegetables and herbs.  Last week, this was the produce.  I still haven’t quite figured out a recipe for lovage, but we found it very interesting.  The CSA is through Good Nature Farm which is in northern Minnesota.  They share weekly recipes, also. There are photos of people working on the farm on their Facebook page. Prior to this experience, my husband thought he knew what vegetables were! Every week has new surprises and learning.  I highly recommend trying this type of program with children for a rich learning experience.

free printable 3 part cards for vegetables

Here is the free printable today:


Print the card set wanted for your teaching situation, the clip art set or the real image photos set.


The first part of the printable is for the younger set and has cartoon type pictures, many of which are from Teacher’s Clipart store.  I appreciate that the clip art may be used in free resources.  This set has color and black and white printing options.  The second part of the printable is for “older” children and has more variety in the pictures.  I was able to find several photos on Wikipedia, so I was able to make the PDF.  Each Wikipedia picture is linked to its source if you are interested in further information.  I included foldable pockets for interactive student notebooks or just organizing the materials.


The Vegetables We Eat book coverI recommend the book The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons for a good read and discussion to help children understand vegetables. Gail Gibbons writes and illustrates her books and they are delightful. Some of the information may be not to everyone’s liking but my first graders really learned a lot from this text.

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