Use Canva Free to Create a Twitter Sharing Image for a Post

How to use Canva for free to create a Twitter sharing image and publish it to your Twitter timeline. Do be careful as there are limits to the free account but it works nicely. Samples of Twitter images are included in the video and in this blog post. Users will have to refuse the pro option over and over, and “free trials” are for the pro account. But just see what you can do with as a free user by watching this 5-minute video.


First, sign up for a free account at

Sign in and find the welcome screen which is full of information. At first, you will have no designs. Look around the page. Hover your cursor over the options. See what is available. 


Second, find the create a design button in the upper right-hand corner and click. A drop-down menu will appear.


Third, scroll to the Twitter post option and select that for the purposes of this tutorial. You will quickly learn how many options there are for Twitter images (header, ad, quote, and so on).


Four, scroll through the options on the left side and find one you like. If you select one, make any changes, and then select another the work will be lost. But that is fine.


Five, be advised any “Canva” watermarked photo will cost money. However, the image may be removed (if you don’t want to pay) and your own may be uploaded.


Six, find the uploads button on the left to upload your own images. I’m sure this would have limits in the free account but it does work well. Also, you may find free images on sites like Pixabay.


Seven, photos and elements in Canva may also be used in your design. Some cost money and some are free. Hover the cursor to see if the word “free” shows up. A little crown means it costs money, usually a dollar. 


Eight, here is a finished Twitter post image ready for sharing. It may be shared directly to Twitter right from Canva.


These images were made in Canva for free. Have fun working on your projects!

Thank you for reading,
Carolyn Wilhelm

Use Canva Free to Create a Twitter Sharing Image for a Post
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