Rabbit Theme Prepositional Phrases Free PDF with Posters

Today, Tonya Dirksen at the Strings, Keys, and Melodies blog has a video of the song Cabin in the Woods.   So, I made a PDF to accompany her blog post and video.  The books I review today are NOT needed for completing the work pages, and if you are interested, they are available in her music store.  My free printable is available on her site today, too!
Up-North-at-the-Cabin-byMarsha-Wilson-Chall, book cover, photoMarsha Wilson Chall, illustrated by Steve Johnson, has a Minnesota setting. The author and illustrator actually live in Minnesota. Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes and so it is very popular here to have a cabin, no matter how small, up north.  This book is beautifully illustrated and has a painting on each two-page spread.  It is written in prose with much figurative language so this is a book to read aloud to children.  Sentences such as this one are typical of the text:  “I bait my hook with peanut-butter-and-worm sandwiches, then jig my line and wait.” The family sits on only one side of the window when eating so they can all have a view of the loons dancing on the lake.

Have you ever heard the sound of the wild loon? The feet of loons are not intended for walking on land, and they have to be in the water or near shore. If your children or student have ever been to a lake to swim, water ski, fish, dive, wade, or go boating, they can make text-to-self connections.  Making connections with text helps children learn to think while reading.

Henry Builds a Cabin by Donald B. Johnson is a book I have on reserve, but it is a Thoreau type story for children!  I’ve never heard of this story before.

Watch-Me-Grow-Rabbit-book-coverThis cute non-fiction story is written from the viewpoint of a baby bunny, and its progress is recorded week by week.  At four weeks they are able to leave the burrow.  This book says a warren in England was found with 1,027 entrance and exit holes and over 400 rabbits!  I am sure children will enjoy this book as the text isn’t too dense and has such interesting information.  The other books in this series look good, also. So here is the free printable for today:  cabins-and-rabbits-activities-pages-free-PDF

Rabbit Theme Prepositional Phrases Free PDF with Posters

Thank you for reading, Carolyn