Scary Mary by Paula Bowles Free Printable

Scary Mary

By Paula Bowles

photoThis is one of the wonderful new line of books I’ve noticed being shared on Pinterest that helps teachers establish behavior guidelines in the beginning of the school year.  Just by the titles I know these books are going to be a positive influence on many classrooms.  Teachers and parents alike will find these books helpful for addressing behavior concerns.  This book, Scary Mary, tells of a barnyard bully who rules the roost, yells, makes faces, builds forts, puts up gates, and won’t let anyone play.  Finally, she has the barnyard all to herself and is  . . . lonely!  The other animals are so nice as to ask her to play and she says yes.  A great discussion on correct and incorrect behavior model could be based on this one title.

One thing that always happens on the playground, eventually each year, is that children begin forming clubs.  Any club, by its nature, is exclusionary.  A club for girls, just boys, people who collect rocks or whatever the name is aimed at making some people feel more powerful and others left out.  A “no clubs” rule is good to discuss before it ever comes up.  The other rule, “no chasing” is bound to be broken over and over as children claim to be playing dogs and cats, or aliens and monsters, or other names.  No chase by any name is another good rule in the beginning of the year as this rule will be tested many times by creative children meaning no harm.  This book shows chase as being bossy, and it will enable a discussion about what is and isn’t chase so people and feelings won’t be hurt.  Games such as touch tag can be taught to children to play instead of chase, if room is available on the playground.

My free PDF today has a work page, answer key, and pocket chart card sort about bossy and not bossy behavior.  These could be termed correct and incorrect model, or whatever terminology your school district uses.

free 12 page PDF, bossy-behavior-book-work-pages-and-matching-cards-for-pocket-chart


Thanks for reading, Carolyn