This post has a safety story for teachers and parents in the form of a flash fiction story by Dr. Theodore Jerome Cohen. The printable has both the story and some Halloween quick writes pages in the free printable PDF. This could be used on or soon after Halloween, when children have vivid impressions of the night. First, the story by Dr. Cohen. He also gave me permission to use in this post and printable. He shares some statistics about accidents from using knives and tools for pumpkin carving. You might like the post where Dr. Cohen advises teachers about how to teach flash fiction, or more free writing prompts at this link.

Halloween Flash Fiction story for teachers and parents by Dr. Theodore Jerome Cohen

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Perhaps some of the students might have a few tips to share about flying with brooms on Halloween night. Safety first!Halloween-quick-writes-and-safety-flash-fiction-freebie_Page_3

Or if children were brave enough to trick and treat with vampire, ghosts, and werewolves . . . perhaps they have some tips for maintaining such friendships. I’m sure I would need advice along those lines.


Trunk or treating is popular now. If a theme is used, such as racing cars, perhaps the children who tend to write like sports reporters could write a piece for the class newsletter. Or those who like Dodge ‘Em cars at the amusement park.


Children who like to write rhyming poetry could tell us more about the spider who sat on the wall (and had a great fall).


For children who like really scary and macabre costumes, this prompt might be a good fit.


And there are those who can’t resist shouting, “BOO!” several times a day around this time of the year. Perhaps a story to explain their thinking?


Remember to be careful when carving pumpkins, and remind the children about night safety. Have a fun evening!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction – Books 1-7

You may like the books by Theodore Jerome Cohen, available on Amazon. I am not an affiliate. They are rated PG 13, I think, and would be appropriate for high school classes. Reading them caused me to write this post, so I want to mention them.

Book 1


Book 2


Book 3


Book 4


Book 5


Book 6


The seventh flash fiction has an animal theme and is an eBook only.


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