Max the Dog Goes Out on Halloween Emergent Reader

Max the Dog Goes Out on Halloween Emergent Reader


Oh, those days before and after Halloween (or just before the party) take some planning to help keep the children calm and busy. This emergent reader is good as it not only helps students practice some reading but takes some time to color. Children might be able to assemble their own books, giving a chance to use the stapler, too. The booklets could be placed in the art center or used as a whole class activity when the behavior chemistries fall above acceptable sugar standards.

Max the Dog Goes Out on Halloween Emergent Reader

The story starts with Max being sad as he wants to go out (for Halloween). The children know the feeling of anticipation on such an exciting night, and can share their insights.

Max the Dog Goes Out on Halloween Emergent Reader

Max imagines himself outside playing. Well, if he gets outside . . . maybe the fun has started!


Max isn’t really thinking of only playing outside. He is dreaming about Halloween night.


When Dan gives him a bath before the big night, Max knows the time is getting close. He does tricks! He gets treats!


When he gets home, he is happy to go to sleep and dream about the fun he had.


I do know stories are not supposed to end with “They went home and went to sleep.” I proved it to one first grade class one year by picking up about ten books at random from the shelf. Most of the actually ended with the people going to sleep. I have given up trying to find clever endings although we work on such in writing workshop. Ha, ha! So much for an impromptu lesson. And, yes, the dogs in the pictures look different. Max has several disguises for Halloween.

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