Free Wolf Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Frames

In this post, there are free wolf fiction and nonfiction writing frames. I am sharing more about our visit to Ely, MN, in April when the wolves and bears were sleeping.  The freebie is located lower in this post. The International Wolf Center has a window viewing area and web cam of fenced forest with live wolves. This is the description of the ambassador wolves in the viewing area:

“The Exhibit Pack refers to the wolves in the main enclosure. Members of the pack may vary as wolves age and new wolf pups are socialized and added to the Exhibit. In Fall of 2012, Exhibit Pack consisted of Aidan and Denali, two northwestern subspecies, born on April 27, 2008 and Luna and Boltz, believed to be great plains subspecies born in March 2012.”


Then, I made a free wolves fiction and nonfiction writing frames printable with rubrics for teachers and homeschools. It is available in the free eMembers area on the page with dozens of downloads. To join, this page will allow free signups — just select the free radio button to make the payment options disappear.

wolves writing pages

In this photo, there is a wolf on top of the den and one inside but partially out of the den, both sleeping.  Can you see them?

wolf den

So, on our way home, where else to stop and eat but the Lemon Wolf Cafe, halfway between Ely and Grand Marais, MN?  On my post about the Lemon Wolf is a summer activities printable for children to record their summer experiences from A to Z.

Thanks for reading, Carolyn