The North American Bear Center

Bears writing frames are the result of our trip to The North American Bear Center in Ely, MN, has the famous Lily the Bear. Have you heard of Lily? Six-year-old Lily gave birth to her third litter on January 12, 2013. Lily and other bears may be viewed on several web cams. The live action web cams may not be quite enough entertainment for children. We drove to Ely early in April, which is not a very active time of the year for bears.We could see Lucky sleeping in his den which is right up next to the viewing windows.  My pictures are dark as it was dark for the bear to try to hibernate. We were told the bears were in something like a sleep walking state, as it takes them three weeks or so to fully wake up for summer. The only food they are getting now is Romaine Lettuce as their stomachs have shrunken over the winter, and getting back to eating is an adjustment for the bears.

Free Bears Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Frames Printable

As you can see from the photos, this is also a museum and educational center. The mission of this center is to help educate people about bears, and to try to dispel misunderstandings. Children are welcome to touch and enjoy the artifacts in the children’s area. The bears live outside and may be viewed through windows and webcams, it is an entirely safe experience for families.

I was inspired to make a free bears printable writing frames for both fiction and nonfiction writing. Rubrics for students and teachers are included. Soon I will post my free wolves writing printable, as we also visited the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN, the same day. Ely as a town has taken a position against social media, so I hope they forgive me for blogging about these wonderful living museums. This printable is in the free eMember area.

Bears Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Printable

Free Bears Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Frames Printable

My free printables are NOT intended for others to post on their sites. I do find my freebies all over the web and on some commercial sites. I do not want people to charge for my freebies! They are only for educational use. Thank you for understanding.

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