Summer Vacation A to Z Journal

Of course, the story that comes to mind is one the children can write!  So my free PDF today has pages for A to Z memories of summer vacation.  The children can write and draw, or paste postcards or photos on some of the pages.  It might be something to do on those rainy days!  Be creative, and on the “O” page for ocean waves, if you are not going to the ocean, say the local lake or even your backyard pool had waves as high as the ocean!

If you won’t be seeing a wolf, try the book blog post: TRACKS IN THE WILD by Betsy Bowen, or other books on this blog.

You get the idea! I tried to make this general enough to fit most vacations, and since the pages can be written on it can be adapted to fit a family’s summer memories.  Free My Summer Vacation Memory A to Z, 28 page PDF  Thanks for reading, Carolyn

Free Summer Vacation A to Z Journal Printable