Easy DIY Matching Activities Ages 1-2

And Five Little Pumpkins

While I cook, Miss Owl can be busy working with DIY color activities. In this one, she is matching puff balls to felt colors. These activities used felt, puffballs, recycled lids and containers in the colors of your choice, and an egg carton bottom. The first matching activity is simply adding puff balls to the felt rectangles.


Keeping busy while mom cooks can be as simple as adding the puffballs to an egg carton bottom.  Children will make up their own patterns and sorts. Other objects could be used such as different colors of lids.


Where does the red lid go?  Where does the blue lid belong? Saving different colors of lids and containers can be a fun sorting activity for your one-year-old!


Save your recycling and see what fun it can be for the very young.

5 Little Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! This post has a 5 Little Pumpkins activity for the very young. Halloween is the perfect time for learning about the color orange.  These activities used orange bottle caps, a sharpie to draw on the caps, a pail from the dollar bins, a paper towel cardboard tube, orange puffballs, and some tape.  There is a printable for color printing, and craft sticks will work well for making 5 little pumpkin puppets, also.


The first activity was to use the tube taped to the fridge. I put orange paper around the tube and drew a pumpkin on it.  The idea is to mention the word orange as the child drops the colored puff ball down the tube. 


We used electric tape but just use tape that will not leave residue on the refrigerator. Of course, do you know the trick of removing the residue with rubbing alcohol? That is one way to get rid of the evidence! 

Here is the tube in actual use.


Where did the orange puffball go? Here she is examining what happened.


Then, putting the pumpkin lids in the container was some more practice. One by one!


Here she is checking to be sure they are all inside.


Now for a free printable for counting pumpkins and also making the 5 Little Pumpkins on craft sticks.  Print, cut, and use. Click on these words or the picture below to download your own copy.


I hope you have a wonderful October!

Thank you for reading, Morgan

World Prematurity Day: An Interview About HELLP Syndrome

Do you know about HELLP Syndrome?

No, that is not a misspelling. HELLP is thought to be a variant of pre-eclampsia, although it may be entirely different. As teachers, we get students with a varied set of background experiences and health conditions. We need to be aware of the issues some families have and may have experienced. I have experienced this syndrome personally as I had HELLP Syndrome and a birthing emergency.

Free Printable Where is Reunion Island

Free Printable Where is Reunion Island

Where is Reunion Island? Do you know? Many children can probably easily find Madagascar on a globe or world map. This mini-lesson will help extend their knowledge to another “nearby” island, Reunion Island, or La Réunion. With a fabulous landscape, volcanoes, adventure sports, and cultural activities, it is also very interesting.

Home Decor by Mom Morgan

New Home Furniture Decisions and Décor by Morgan

Moving at holiday time is quite a challenge to get the house and family organized. Almost our first meal was Thanksgiving. See how I handled it all.

Recipe Cari boucane from Reunion Island

Recipe Cari boucane from Reunion Island

I recently had the pleasure of cooking a traditional meal from the French Reunion Island for some people who have never visited the island. Saffron, thyme, tomato, potato, white rice, garlic, onion, and bacon prepared in the traditional way made a lovely meal and cultural experience for them. It was delicious! I used the recipe I remember from living there.

Color Blast Kitchen Art and Science

Color Blast Kitchen Art and Science

Mixing colors in the kitchen with a few common ingredients provides an engaging activity for children. This is one they are sure to want to do over and over as it will be different each time. This activity is so fun and so easy!

Painting Flowers to Make Coasters Craft Idea

Painting Flowers to Make Coasters Craft Idea

Watercolor painting is fun for children and with a little help they can create flowers for a vase and flower coasters for a special tea party, lunch, or dinner.

Pattern Block Play Helps Children Learn Fractions

Playing with Pattern Blocks Helps form the Foundation for Fractions

Here I am putting pieces in a puzzle my own way. The total will still be the same, but I am an original. I’m going to finish this up with two more triangles as I like triangles! That will be six triangles, one diamond, one trapezoid, and a hexagon. So this will be 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/3 + 1/2 + 1 = 2 & 5/6 again.

Easy DIY Activities Ages 1-2 and Five Little Pumpkins

Easy DIY Activities Ages 1-2 and Five Little Pumpkins

These activities used felt, puffballs, recycled lids and containers in the colors of your choice, and an egg carton bottom.

Fall at the Minnesota Zoo and Toddler Activities

Visit to the Farm at the Minnesota Zoo

A visit to the Farm area at the Minnesota Zoo during October. Fall toddler activities, also.

Easter at Eastman Nature Center Maple Grove, MN

Easter at Eastman Nature Center in Minnesota

Let us tell you about Easter at Eastman Nature Center in Minnesota! It was the best. We hunted for eggs in the woods, dyed Easter eggs with natural dyes, visited with the Easter bunny, and more. What a nice time we had. It is an EGGstravaganza with fun for all ages!

 Eastman Nature Center Maple Grove, MN

Visiting Eastman Nature Center, So Much to See!

This time we visited Eastman Nature Center in the summer. We started with a walk. I had a planter dish to collect things for a class I was taking. We were collecting things that were no longer living and were OK to pick. We made a fairy house and I played at the center, too.