Free Printable Where is Reunion Island

Where is Reunion Island? Do you know? Many children can probably easily find Madagascar on a globe or world map. This mini-lesson will help extend their knowledge to another “nearby” island, Reunion Island, or La Réunion. With a fabulous landscape, volcanoes, adventure sports, and cultural activities, it is also very interesting.

Many children will think they know all about Reunion Island — after all, it is near Africa, right? And they might have watched the movie Madagascar. The animals and wildlife in Madagascar are not necessarily on La Réunion! And La Réunion is a region of France, while Madagascar is not. Madagascar has more poverty than La Réunion. So it would be interesting for them to become aware that all islands near Africa are not the same.

First, Where is La Réunion compared to the continent of Africa? It is that small dot near Madagascar. Would it, therefore, follow there isn’t much there? No, as tourism is a major business, and at the official tourism site, there are 360-degree sea and sky views with breathtaking views. to prove it. I am only linking to this one page.  So, here is my free printable. Classes may need a very short filler during the busy month of December or something for the fast finishers in class. This is just a mini-lesson and it is free.


This map shows major cities on La Réunion. How did I learn about this island? Miss Owl’s mother is from that island, and also from France. Her family lived in both places. This image view “squishes” the page but it will look correct in the actual PDF.


Madagascar has more wildlife and exclusive creatures.  Reunion has more city areas, as well as their own astounding natural beauty.

free printable where is Reunion Island differences-between-Reunion-Island-and-Madagascar-Island

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