How to Download the Free Owl Theme Class Zip Folder

Would you like to download the Owl Class theme for K-2 from the free eMember area of the Wise Owl Factory? Here is what to do to obtain the zip folder.

First, this only works on a computer. Zip folders do not download on tablets or phones.

To get the free owl class theme, start by logging in after you sign up for the free eMembership. Log in is in the upper right hand corner of the Wise Owl Factory site. Click “free” to make the payment options disappear.


Sign in after signing up!


When you are logged in, either free or premium eMembership, your dashboard is available from the free and/or premium links where the login was in the previous screen. Click on the word Dashboard. The links in blue on the right side also show the pages you may access.


After you click on the word dashboard, the dashboard appears on the page.


Click on free eMember all PDFs page for the page of freebies. They are on a single page. Scroll down to find all the downloads.


On the all free PDFs page, scroll down to the free owl theme class.


Click on the words or the picture. Either will start to send the zipped folder to wherever you save your downloads.  A new blank window opens and at the bottom, the name of the file is there.


Wait while the large download is saving. Then you see the zipped folder. The contents of the folder include several PDFs. They must be pulled out on a PC or extracted on a Mac. 

the-download-is-a-zipped-folderOpen the zipped folder and see the PDFs enclosed.


On a PC, pull the PDFs out of the folder and then save where you want to save them. For more information, check this informational page:

I hope this information is helpful.