forgotten-fatherThe Forgotten Father: Coping with Grief was written by Gary Roen, a Nationally Syndicated Book Critic and Author. I interviewed Roen recently and learned how he works with authors for his book reviews. Becoming interested in his books, I read as many as I could. The Forgotten Father tugged at my heartstrings. He wrote this book many years after his infant son died of SIDS. No one asked him how he was doing or feeling. This still happens to fathers now, as described in this First Candle blog post. Men tell Roen of their struggles being left out of emotional support as most of it is centered around women.

*Note: This blog post is not intended to provide medical information. Whatever your beliefs about SIDS, please understand this is a book review. The Mayo Clinic has SIDS information for those interested. 

The Forgotten Father is a work of poetry. The format helped me deal with the topic, as it was so beautifully written. He writes:

“all who saw him

felt he was

one of God’s

miracles too good to be true”

At the time, Roen thought the health care professionals were uncaring. He has since learned they care but don’t convey their thoughts and feelings. Roen was given just a few days off from work, while his wife was able to take longer. Everyone asked him how his wife was doing. He would have appreciated hearing some kind comments directed towards him, too. Years later, his grief has not left, and he remembers his son daily.people-2567395

“The Forgotten Father” is a soft, subtle, on target rendering of grief that calls up the image of the ocean in the way it flows along. The writings exude love and understanding of a new cycle of life after a parent suffers the loss of a child. This will resonate with any parent after the death of their child.”     Mark Rambis member of Compassionate Friends Organization and, a bereaved Father of his son Tony

The cause of sudden infant death syndrome is significant to parents. However, there is simply no explanation for SUDI. That makes for a challenging situation. We all want to understand the reasons for events that happen. Without a logical justification, emotions run high. Women are the focus of attention and support. Men are supposed to be strong and silent. Yet, don’t we all realize men have feelings, too? We should recognize the fact fathers experience grief and help them through such times. The Forgotten Father is a step towards a kinder society.

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About Gary Roen Nationally Syndicated Book Critic, Author, and Speaker

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Gary Roen Nationally Syndicated Book Critic and Author Interview

Gary S. Roen is the author of two collections of science fiction. Slotski’s World, and Journey (Legacy Book Publishing) as well as co-author of Cats, Cats, and More Cats (Royal Fireworks Press). He is the author of two books of poetry. The Forgotten Father Coping With Grief (Taylor and Seal Publishing) and Look at Me World (Chateau Publishing).


Gary Roen Advice for Writers

“Keep writing, do not get discouraged, learn your craft better if possible, by taking courses, or hook up with writers’ groups that really work with authors on their work. Keep up on what is selling in the industry, do not strive to be the next whatever but do the best work you can possibly do and always be humble.”


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